Sutra Study June 2016

WhenSaturday, June 11, 2016, 10am – 12pm [Note: Prior to the Sutra Study, there will be sitting meditation from 9:30AM to 9:50AM.]

Where: Radnor Friends Meeting, 620 Conestoga Rd, Villanova, PA, United States (map)


Book: The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation: The essentials for Practicing Calming-and-Insight & Dhyāna Meditation (p. 169-187)—Chapter 9: Treatment of Disorders [Or, C. Pierce Salguero’s translation titled “Treating illness“]

[Note: This Sutra Study program suits anyone whoever determines to learn the wisdom of the eminent monk Zhiyi (aka Chih-I, 538-597 CE) who founded the Tiantai (aka Tendai in Japanese) School in China. You may download online now. However, please bring your own copy of the text. If not or even if you missed passed classes, please don’t worry and just come. Everything will unfold itself. ]

Led by David Carpenter, Pierce Salguero & Julianna Lipschutz

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