Saturday Morning Sutra Study

Join us for our monthly Sutra Study, this Saturday, September 5th. The topic for this month will be Bankei Zen: Translations from the Record of Bankei.

To access the materials, please click here:

The sections that we will be studying are as follows, please spend some time with them before we meet on Saturday:

p. 4   Listen carefully 
p. 9   I’m ready to be your witness
p. 17 Growing up deluded
p. 19 Thirty days in the Unborn
p. 20 “The Kappa”
p. 21 Don’t beat sleeping monks
p. 24 Self-centeredness
p. 26 Getting sidetracked
p. 27 Self-power/other-power
p. 28 Everybody has the Buddha Mind
p. 32 Being living buddhas

We will be meeting on Zoom starting with a period of meditation from 9:30 to 9:50. The Sutra study will begin at 10am. Use the following link to join:

Meeting ID: 894 8597 1086
Password: 072745
If you have any difficulties logging in, please email us at up until 5 minutes prior to starting.

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