Why do We Meditate? Day Retreat Led by Bob Koller

Join us on Saturday, February 8th for a day retreat led by former PBA President, Bob Koller. The topic of the retreat will be “Why do we Meditate?”.

We associate Buddhist practice with meditation. But why do we meditate? Do we hope to gain or accomplish something? To relieve stress? In this retreat, experienced practitioners may reflect on these issues, and beginning instruction will be available for those who need it.

There will be 1 to 1 meetings with the teacher available for all who attend.

The retreat will take place from 10am to 4pm at Plymouth Meeting Friends, with a one hour break for lunch. Please bring your lunch. Restaurants are also located nearby. Tea and snacks will be served. Dana donation of $25-$50 for the teacher is recommended. For directions, click here.

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