Pat George Retreat 2015

When: Saturday, February 21, 2015, 9AM-4PM
Please note that the date of the retreat has been changed.  The PBA November 2014 Newsletter announced a save the date for this retreat as Feb. 7.

Where: Plymouth Meeting Friends, 2150 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA


Lay Practice, Ordinary Life

Those who only know that in the sacred there is nothing ordinary,
Do not yet know that in the ordinary everything is sacred.
Dogen Zenji

Most of us are not prepared to go off to a monastery and shave our heads to practice Zen. Yet we sincerely want to realize ourselves and live our lives with wisdom and compassion. How can we practice immersed in relationships, children, work, getting and spending? Is it possible to wake up in the midst it all? How might this happen? What might it look like?

Believe it or not, this is not only a contemporary conundrum. We’ll look at an ancient koan story that relates how one practitioner solved this problem and through sustained zazen deeply open to how we ourselves might become enlightened lay practitioners.

Pat George will be accepting private meetings with any student that wishes to meet with her, during the retreat.

Note: No Pre-Registration necessary. Please arrive around 8:30AM to get settled.

What to Bring:
Cushion (PBA can provide a cushion if you don’t have one).
This retreat is free of charge, but donations are appreciated. All donations collected that day will be given to the teacher. PBA suggests giving $25. No one will be turned away.

About the Teacher:


Pat George has over thirty years training in Zen Buddhism. She was given permission to teach by Barry Magid in 2004, and opened the Zen Center of Philadelphia in January,2005. Pat studied at Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Tremper, New York, with John Daido Loori for many years as a lay practitioner and for six years as a resident and monastic in training.

Since then she has studied with Barry Magid in the Ordinary Mind School founded by Charlotte Joko Beck.On November 14th, 2009, Pat received full transmission in the Ordinary Mind School from Barry Magid. Pat was educated at the University of Delaware, Brown University, and New York University.

A single mother for many years, Pat has mostly worked as a teacher, writer and editor.

Click here to learn more about Pat George and the Zen Center of Philadelphia.

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